Path and Practice

How to integrate Reality with Divine Love

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Intellectual & Emotional


Telling the truth, being authentic, in good-faith, and sincere

Devotion to Truth

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Personal & Organizational


Doing what one says, enacting what one believes, maintaining coherence

Manifesting Beauty

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Solving real-world problems with care and understanding

Revealing Goodness

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I/we practice personal/organizational

honesty, integrity, and creativity

in/as the pursuit/embodiment of

truth, beauty, and goodness

Instructions for using this conceptual map as a consciousness expander, sorter, filter, and funnel; taking your own awareness on a journey from the all to the one.


Try to imagine everything that is, was, or ever will be. (The scope of this will be limited by your personal development and intellectual awareness.) Consider the possibility that all of our evolutionary progress in time is just the sequential unfolding of existential/absolute eternity relationships.

Truth, Beauty, Goodness

Now try to identify those things, concepts, and purposes (facts, meanings, and values) which you experience as being the most true, beautiful, and good (within your limited grasp of total reality).

Divine Love

Next, see if you can discern the ultimate goodness of the infinite source and eternal creator which is manifested throughout all of reality, and especially in human experience, as divine love.

Science - Philosophy - Religion - Spirituality

Science explorers and attempts to understand the world of things (energy and matter).

Philosophy explorers and attempts to unify the intellectual realm of meanings and values.

Religion & spirituality seek to find and enter into relationship with the very source of reality.

Meditation Exercise / Enlightenment Practice

  1. Expand your mind to take in all of reality, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful, both here and now, and everywhere at any time. Allow all of that to arise in consciousness and be, just as it is, with equanimity.
  2. Find the still and apparently empty, but spiritually radiant and creative, center within yourself. You may experience it as illumination, joy, peace, or divine love. Allow that to fill you, to have you. Give yourself to that completely, in whatever way feels natural and satisfying to your soul.
  3. Now integrate that inner peace and joy, the experience of timeless spiritual oneness, with the ever-expanding mental awareness of universal reality, including all social relations, as it evolves in time to the limits of infinity.
  4. Throughout your day, week, and year, try to alternate your consciousness focus (attention) between the inner spiritual exploration and the outer physical expansion of reality, including the personal reception and social expression of divine love.

The society of truth, beauty, and goodness

People working together for the collective attainment of supreme meanings and ultimate values.

Definition of Value Concepts