Value Concepts

Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

The following definitions are my attempt to clarify for you the meanings which I associate with these value concepts:

Truth is the correct understanding of reality relationships. Beauty is the harmonious ordering of things, meanings, and values. Goodness is relating to others in such a way as would benefit them. Love is the all-consuming desire of personality to do good to others, create harmonious order, and attain true understanding of reality.

God is love, and in us, his/her universe children, love is the desire to become perfect even as our creator/sustainer/father/mother in eternity/heaven/paradise is perfect.


stands in contrast to

Falsehood & Delusion


stands in contrast to

Ugliness & Disharmony


stands in contrast to

Selfishness & Evil (theft & murder)

The four questions that (I believe) should determine our thought, speech, and actions are:

Is it true? A correct assessment of reality.

Is it beautiful? A harmonious ordering of things.

Is it good? A helpful benefit to self and others.

If these three criteria are met, one can then ask:

Is it God's will? (The Divine / Supreme will)