Who God Is (to me)

The Universal Father

The Eternal Mother / Son

The Infinite Spirit

The Supreme Being

My true friend

My life partner

My soul lover

My guiding light

My teacher of truth

My inspiration in service

My refuge in adversity

My sustaining spirit

My highest value

My greatest joy

True religion is a relationship, the actual experience of getting to know God. Rather than accepting some formal religious dogma that somebody else invented, making it a second hand religion, I think everyone should discover, formulate, and grow their own religion based on their own personal experience with reality, other human beings, and the indwelling spirit presence of God. Ideally, everyone would be practicing their own religion, one that was constantly evolving as their relationship with the eternal and divine source of reality, the universe, life, consciousness, and their own being, as a unique personality and well-loved child of God, evolved and deepened. There is also the ever-enlarging family experience of all of us together growing in God. I hope that my sharing all of this encourages you to explore and think about, possibly even share, your own personal relationship with God.