Nature Complexity Art

​I find the abstract patterns of complexity in nature both fascinating and beautiful. They draw me in and provide me with a joyous sense of liberation from the constant meaning-making of my analytical mind.

The small sampling of images presented above were all taken during my weekly (sometimes daily) neighborhood walks. It's on these routine breaks from my other work that I often encounter and stop to appreciate the deep beauty of nature.

I’ve been attracted to the visual arts as a source of pleasure and a form of personal creative expression for most of my life. I have studied drawing, painting, photography, architecture, furniture making, sculpture, interior design, and graphic design. In 1995 I was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Art from the University of Oregon.

I would be happy to collaborate with you on virtually any visual arts or creative design project.

Over the years I have accumulated (taken and saved) tens of thousands of photographic images, starting as a teenager with my first film camera, later using various film and digital cameras, and now using my Android phone. Many of them are quite beautiful and worthy of public or private display.

(Picture of Dexter with canvas print on wall)

Complexity Art Prints

If you appreciate the look and feel of my photographic images, perhaps you would like to support my work by buying one or more prints? I am offering for sale canvas wrap prints of my Nature Complexity Art in sizes appropriate for use as wall decor in homes, offices, and public meeting spaces.

  • Sizes start at 12x16 inches and go to 40x60 inches, with prices ranging from $90 to $400

  • Printed on high-quality giclée, artist-quality canvas

  • UV light protection prevents fading and cracking

  • All prints are ready to hang

Just let me know what pattern styles, color schemes, and sizes of prints you would like, and which if any of the above images appeal to you. Once I have some idea what resonates with you, I can probably find many more images like that for you to choose from. It would be great if you could come visit my home/office/studio where I could show you more of my collection of digital images and you could see actual canvas prints of my wall-hanging complexity art.