Philosophical Clarification

My life goal is to transform planetary consciousness and culture through the power of divine love, expressed as truth, beauty, and goodness. What I am offering here is to start this process with you, if you are willing to learn and grow, personally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I believe that I can help you make sense of the world, feel more empowered as a person, and become more creative in your actions. I propose to do this by exploring with you the various ways of making meaning, the actual structuring of our consciousness which allows us to interpret facts, respond to values, and manufacture understanding from our life experiences.

Our interaction will consist of exploration and tutoring sessions, generally an hour and a half in length, where you tell me what you are struggling with philosophically, things that you would like to integrate into your model of reality but can’t figure out how, maybe they just don’t make sense, or possibly they are things that you've already integrated but they aren’t fitting-in or working-out very well, and then after we have mapped the terrain, I could give you examples of how others have successfully integrated these things and offer suggestions for how you might adjust your own meaning making to encompass a larger, richer, more nuanced and beautiful, view of reality.

Often just having a caring and attentive person to talk with about these things can be extraordinarily helpful. It's like getting a friend to help you lift and carry a heavy piece of furniture as you rearrange your home. Except that we will be rearranging conceptual structures in your mind and tidying up your philosophy of living. It can also be thought of as travel planning, where you decide where you want to go and I help you get there and point out interesting places along the way that you might want to explore.

In providing this service I will be drawing upon my lifelong interest in philosophy, figuring out how things work, science, evolution, the nature of consciousness, how society operates, morality & ethics, evolutionary spirituality, and discovering the ultimate purpose of my & our existence.

I will do my best to meet you where you are right now and work with you in accomplishing the specific goals which you set out to achieve, but sometimes you will not be able to get where you want to go philosophically without embracing a bigger, more inclusive, more ethical and compassionate worldview.

In our work together, I will be relying heavily on Integral Metatheory, an evolving academic system of reality maps which tries to incorporate the entire range of human experiences from birth to death and beyond! I will also be drawing upon a wide range of historical teachings and practices that many people in different cultures have found helpful.

I charge on a sliding scale, from $72 to $36 per hour, and I offer a discount for ongoing (weekly) coaching sessions. An initial 20-minute phone interview is offered at no charge.

Thank you for reading this description of my service offering. I look forward to engaging with you in what I like to call Reality Therapy, a process of philosophical clarification that will be exciting, empowering, and hopefully a lot of fun!